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Bird Damage

 Wild Life Damage Management; USDA

As human activity encroaches on wildlife habitats, and natural food sources become increasingly scarce, it is no wonder that birds turn to man-made habitats such as

crop fields and aquaculture ponds. Where else can large flocks of birds find sufficient, nutritious, readily available food? bird-flock3Agricultural crops create ideal foraging sites for gregarious bird species, and virtually everything that humans grow or raise for food is subject to some level of bird damage (Avery 2002). For most farmers and other agricultural producers, bird damage is a fact of life, but not a major concern. The unlucky few producers for whom depredations are severe, however, do incur substantial financial losses.

Another concern-birds and aircraft often compete for the same airspace at the same time. When that happens, collisions may occur, sometimes resulting in injuries or death to passengers and crew and damage to aircraft. To help prevent these potentially dangerous situations, biologists provide airport operators with advice and recommendations on how to keep runways and flight paths clear of wildlife. Problem bird species include waterfowl, gulls, blackbirds, pigeons, hawks, starlings, vultures, and others. Airports in the eastern and southeastern United States experience the greatest number of wildlife-aircraft collisions, but the problem exists nationwide. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimates that birds and other wildlife cause more than $390 million in damage each year to civil aircraft in this country (USDA 2001).


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Corvus Repellent, Inc. is dedicated to providing innovation to the need for wildlife damage management worldwide, with a commitment to effective, environmentally conscientious practices and processes that focus on  the benefits of multi-generational sustainability for our planet.


Each day is a new opportunity for us to bring product innovation to the world market of wildlife damage management, and to continuiously improve our dedication to exceeding our customers' expectaions.


In many ways the need to prevent or minimize wildlife damage and to protect that same wildlife is a balance of affect and result.  Corvus Repellent, Inc. is driven to produce innovative products that are effective while being environmentally sensitive. And our commitment to multi-generational sustainability for our planet carries through to how we run every aspect of our business.


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